The most important features at a glance

ecoyn offers you extensive possibilities to get the best out of your online store. From a convincing design to an uncomplicated administration.

General features

ecoyn stands out from other store systems with its wide range of functions. For example, there are the most diverse payment systems, user-specific discounts and international customs duties.
  • User / authorization system

    You can create different users with ecoyn and assign them customized permissions.
  • Installable on own server

    You have the possibility to install ecoyn on your own server. This way you have full control at any time.
  • SaaS / ASP

    We offer our users our application both as SaaS (Software as a Service) and as ASP (Application Service Providing). We are thus fully geared to the needs of our customers - feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Open source solution

    Anyone who is interested can take a look at ecoyn's source code and check its security. Transparency is our first priority.
  • PlugIn-capable

    There are several plugins with which you can add even more features to ecoyn. There is hardly anything our store system can't do.
  • Dev System (local)

    ecoyn offers you a test environment for developers. In this environment you can run tests.
  • Responsive design

    For your store to be convincing on all devices, it needs a responsive design that retains its features and looks chic even on smartphones, tablets and the like.
  • Evaluation and statistics

    With ecoyn you have extensive possibilities to analyze data or create statistics via the dashboard. Alternatively, you can also use Matomo.
  • Page preview feature

    Before you release a page, you can take your time to see how it will look to your users.
  • B2B and B2C capable

    No matter if you sell to private or business customers: ecoyn can cope with your requirements and offers you all necessary options.
  • Virtual goods

    With ecoyn you can also offer virtual goods in your store and sell them successfully.
  • Soon also: product preview feature

    We are currently working on a product preview: In the future, you will be able to view your product pages before you publish them.

Additional features

We know how tedious it can be to set up an online store. If the store system is unclear or not functional, it makes the work even more difficult. It also costs you a lot of time.
  • Social Media Apps

    For your store, social media is an important marketing channel. ecoyn therefore comes with numerous interfaces for social media apps.
  • Automation

    At ecoyn, many processes run automatically. This includes import, export, billing and much more.
  • Product Information Management

    So that you don't lose the overview, ecoyn offers you a comprehensive product information management. The provision of important product information is no longer a problem.
  • Internal invoicing, CRM, FIBU export

    These components of our store system are specially optimized for e-commerce solutions.
  • Translation module

    ecoyn comes with its own translator and an interface for other services.
  • Form Builder

    Build custom online forms on a variety of topics with just a few clicks. You can choose from a variety of standardized and customized form fields
  • Over 100 plugins available

    With plugins you make ecoyn your customized store system. There are currently over 100 pieces to choose from.
  • Of which 50 free plugins

    About half of the available plugins can even be used for free.
  • Landing page builder via QUIQQER

    The landing page builder helps you to create a professional landing page in no time. Even without much previous knowledge you can create a serious appearance that convinces.
  • Cross-Border-Commerce EU

    With ecoyn you create areas and can set up special tax rates or shipping conditions for them. Cross-border commerce EU is easily possible with this area management.
  • Soon also: Own community solution

    With the free Open Source Edition you can set up your own store and run it in a hosting environment. Please note that the Community Edition does not include any vendor support.
  • Mass processing

    With the integrated mass processing you can edit multiple variants at once. For example, set prices for multiple variants quickly and easily.

Product modules

With ecoyn you present your products in the best light. There are templates - but you can also show your products individually. For example, you can create your own product categories.
  • Freely configurable

    The product modules of ecoyn are freely configurable. So you can create all possible product types and properties - according to your individual requirements.
  • No programming effort

    The product modules are customized without much programming effort. So you can create different colors, sizes or fabrics with just a few clicks.
  • Product type API

    Thanks to the product type API you have the possibility to insert your own product types, define your own product fields and react to many other conditions.

Around the payment

To be as successful as possible with your store, you should offer your customers various payment options. This is not a problem with ecoyn, because you have many options and also accept payments in other currencies.
  • Payment reminders

    Your customers will receive automated payment reminders. Just set the time span after how many days the reminder email should be sent.
  • Payment systems

    ecoyn is compatible with a wide range of payment systems. Allow your customers to pay via Amazon Pay, Paymill, PayPal and Stripe. At the same time, you can limit the payment methods for different users or customer groups.

International alignment

You want to offer your online store to customers outside of Germany? That's no problem with ecoyn. For example, you can choose between different languages for your store.
  • Available languages for the user interface

    The ecoyn interface is available in German and English, among other languages. Many other languages are possible.
  • Areas

    With ecoyn you define certain tax or shipping areas. This provides a better overview.
  • Currencies

    Offer your customers different currencies for their payment.
  • Customs fees

    If there are customs fees for shipping abroad, you can calculate them in advance with ecoyn. Then you can set individual fees for each order and charge them to your customer.


We have developed ecoyn from our own experience. Therefore it was important for us to develop a customer friendly store system: This is easy to use and includes all the features you need.
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  • Form editor

    With ecoyn you save the time-consuming development of contact and registration forms. The form editor is easy to use and allows you to create professional forms in just a few minutes.
  • FAQ

    Create a clear FAQ page for your customers. You only need to enter the questions - design and layout will be generated automatically by QUIQQER.
  • Blog

    Your own blog is not only an enrichment for your customers, but also has a positive effect on the search engine optimization of your store. With this module you can upload articles within seconds and manage your entire blog clearly.
  • Multilingualism

    With ecoyn you run your store not only in German, but in all imaginable languages. It can be translated and published in other languages without any problems.

Start now with ecoyn

and convince yourself of the numerous features. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to help you and support you as much as possible.


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