Is ecoyn free of charge?

Yes and No. The core of ecoyn as well as many extensions are free and open source. However, there are also modules that are chargeable or that become chargeable after a certain turnover.

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Do I need to buy a license?

ecoyn and some modules are freely available - so you don't need a license, but you also don't get support. We also offer ecoyn with all extensions for a fee and with a license. You will get full support from us. Decide for yourself what suits you best.

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Is there a demo version?

Yes, there are even two demo versions of ecoyn: One for the backend and one for the frontend. Check out our store system risk-free and then decide if you like ecoyn.

Click here for the demo:

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Start now with ecoyn

and convince yourself of the numerous features. If you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to help you and support you as much as possible.


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